McDonald’s Japan needs your help naming this burger

McDonald's Japan burger naming contest
McDonald's Japan burger naming contest

McDonald’s Japan has created such an off-the-wall burger they don’t know what to call it. So they’re running a burger naming contest and the winner is going to be in burger heaven for 10 years.


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The burger has been tentatively named “juicy beef burger with hot potatoes grown in Hokkaido, cheddar cheese and specially made onion sauce flavored with burnt soy sauce,” according to the Japan Times.

We call that a hot mess. Not sure about the mashed potatoes, but the burnt soy sauce sounds absolutely scrumptious.

Honestly, why do they need our help, that’s a fabulous name for a burger.

So here’s the burger naming full meal deal. McDonald’s Japan will be awarding the winner of the burger naming contest $12,000. That’s supposed to work out to the equivalent of a burger a day, every day, over a period of 10 years. But our math disagrees with the Japan Times math, so you can fight it out with them if you win.

The new burger is set to launch on Feb. 2 and will be offered under the winning name starting on Feb. 23. Entries will be accepted until Feb. 15.

Here’s the promotional video for the burger naming campaign: