The Big Mac has siblings and you can get them at McDonald’s Saudi Arabia

Big Mac Family
Big Mac Family

It certainly sounds like McDonald’s Saudi Arabia is borrowing an old school marketing idea straight from the A&W playbook – Burger family members.


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A&W was of course famously known for introducing Burger family mascots in 1963: Papa Burger, Mama Burger, Teen Burger, and Baby Burger – and now McDonald’s Saudi Arabia is introducing fans to Big Mac’s family – his big and little brothers.

For a limited time, McDonald’s franchises in Saudi Arabia will be offering Big Mac’s little brother the Mini Mac and his big bro, the Grand Mac.

We don’t know if the Big Mac family trend will make its way to America, but if you have a craving for a Big Mac sibling, you can get one at all McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia until February 26.

Big Mac’s brothers aren’t exactly new, they were spotted around the globe in the past – in some cases under different identities, such as Mega Mac and Super Mac, but it’s rare to see them being promoted in a marketing campaign as Big Mac’s big and little bros.

It’s also worth noting that the Big Mac Family promo is being run across the entire McDonald’s Arabia network, including Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, Oman, etc…