Little Caesars brings back bacon-wrapped pizza for a limited time

Little Caesars bacon-wrapped pizza
Little Caesars bacon-wrapped pizza

Calling all bacon lovers, Little Caesars has just brought back a favorite: a deep-dish pepperoni and bacon pizza with a crispy crust wrapped in three and a half feet of bacon.


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That’s right, it’s back, but only for a limited time.

The “Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish” pie will be available for eight weeks at $12 a pie. For bacon lovers, it’s a dream come true.

The pie was so popular last year that Little Caesars had to extend the promo period by about a month. After Little Caesars removed the pizza from its menu, the company was inundated with requests to bring it back.

Despite its popularity, the pie hasn’t sold well enough to put it on the nationwide menu yet, according to Time.

“We just want to see if the interest continues,” Ed Gleich, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Little Caesars told Time.

If you’re watching your waist, just keep in mind that one slice of this bacon-wrapped fantasy pie tips the scales at 410 calories. But who’s counting calories?