Bojangles’ launches new BojAngler fish sandwich for a limited time

BojAngler fish filet
BojAngler fish filet

Starting today, and for a limited time, Bojangles’ is offering the all-new BojAngler fish filet sandwich.


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The BojAngler features a light and flaky Alaskan Pollock filet with a generous dash of Bojangles’ signature proprietary seasoning, a slice of American cheese and crisp lettuce with a dollop of creamy tartar sauce all served between a toasted, buttered bun.

You can reel in the BojAngler fish filet sandwich until March 27 – after that date, you’re out of luck.

Something fishy is going on at fast food restaurants across the nation.

Last week, Wendy’s launched the North Pacific Cod sandwich for a limited time and McDonald’s brought back the Old Bay Filet-O-Fish sandwich across Mid-Atlantic franchise locations.