This viral KFC wedding party photo is Finger Lickin’ Good

Louis Davis and Ashleigh Davis KFC wedding photo
Louis Davis and Ashleigh Davis KFC wedding photo (Facebook)

Chicken is a popular meal at wedding receptions, but weddings at a chicken joint are unheard of – that is until now. Self-proclaimed KFC mega fan Louis Davis wanted something special to remind him of his very special day, and chicken was on the menu.


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The bride, Ashleigh Davis, wanted the perfect Cinderella wedding pictures, and who can blame her. But she gave in and agreed to the groom’s request to take the entire wedding party to the local KFC between the ceremony and the reception for a very special wedding photo shoot.

That photo, taken at the KFC in Whangarei, New Zealand went viral and what would normally be just another wedding gained worldwide attention.

“I’ve always had a special relationship with KFC so it made sense,” Louis Davis told the NZ Herald.

“I knew we were going to take the classic, cheesy photos. She had the team of photographers, team of videographers to get the classic shots. But I knew the photos that are crack up and the ones you look back on are where you’re doing something different.”

Louis Davis originally wanted the entire groom’s party to appear naked with strategically placed bridesmaids’ bouquets.

The bride shot down that original request for something even more finger lickin’ good.

The Colonel himself sent the groom a message that Louis respond to by saying: “Dreams do come true.”

Dreams do come true ✨

Posted by Louis Davis on Monday, February 8, 2016