Marco Rubio cracks tooth on frozen Twix bar

Twix Bar
Twix Bar

We all know the hazards of eating too many candy bars – it goes directly to our waistline. But Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio learned a hard lesson Wednesday night when he took a bite from a frozen Twix bar – he cracked a molar.


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“I just bit into a Twix bar and I go, ‘Man this Twix bar’s got something really hard in it,'” Rubio told reporters Thursday. “And I go, ‘Oh my gosh, I cracked my tooth,'” according to The Wall Street Journal.

Rubio reportedly received a temporary fix at the dentist Thursday morning with plans to get a more permanent fix when he returns to Miami.

The incident occurred Wednesday night while Rubio was eating the Twix bar during a flight to Washington, D.C.

During a breakfast with reporters Thursday in South Carolina, Rubio joked that he’s getting old and sat down to a plate of something easy on the teeth – blueberry pancakes – at Cracker Barrel.

Rubio is 44 years old.