Snoop Dogg is Burger King’s Grilled Dog training ambassador

Snoop Dogg Burger King Grilled Dog Training Video
Snoop Dogg Burger King Grilled Dog Training Video (YouTube)

Yesterday, we told you about Burger King’s newest menu item: Grilled Dogs. Today, Chew Boom can report that Burger King has released an internal training video featuring Snoop Dogg, the company’s Grilled Dog training ambassador. A second training video featuring Charo was also made public.


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The company says they’re internal videos, but it’s clearly a marketing campaign made to appear as if the public is being made privy to otherwise secret insider corporate operations at Burger King. On face value, it appears to get the message out.

The Snoop Dogg training video features the rapper wearing his very own Burger King name badge as he introduces employees to Grilled Dogs, which are set to debut later this month.

Snoop greets staff with the expected “What’s up dog?” and goes on to explain that the new item can be topped with ketchup, mustard, or relish. “You know relish ain’t nothing but chopped up pickles?” adds Snoop.

He goes on to describe grilled dogs as being the Whopper of hot dogs.

We’re almost certain that the Grilled Dog campaign will continue with more celebrities entrusted to play the role of the Grilled Dog training ambassador.

Here’s the training video featuring Charo: