What this woman found at the bottom of a can of evaporated milk is out of this world

Carnation evaporated milk
Carnation evaporated milk (Ellen Chesal)

At first Ellen Chesal of Nova Scotia must have thought she found something from the movie Alien at the bottom of a can of evaporated milk, but it turned out to be something from much closer to home.


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On Thursday, when Chesal was finished preparing a chicken dinner made with Carnation evaporated milk she noticed something was still remaining in the can, according to a CBC report.

Curious as to what was still in the can, Chesal naturally removed the lid. That’s when she found an ugly surprise, something she said looked like a broken-up fish or lizard.

A Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspector was called in to get to the bottom of the mystery.

As it turns out, the mysterious substance wasn’t a decomposed fish, nor was it a lizard or an alien. What Chesal had found was mold. Ugly, stomach turning mold.

In response to a complaint, J.M. Smucker, the company that produces Carnation, offered Chesal coupons for even more evaporated milk.

But Chesal isn’t interested.

“I’m not interested in getting any more Carnation evaporated milk at this point, so she can keep her coupons,” Chesal told the Chronicle Herald in Halifax.

The chicken turned out to be delicious, and “nobody is feeling any ill health from it.”

The inspector told Chesal that a pinhole in the can could have caused the mold to grow. A spokesperson for Smucker Foods indicated the problem might be milk skin, something that can happen when milk product is left open and used over time without being properly refrigerated.