Jon Taffer rescues Boulder Lodge Bar & Grill AKA Mac & Chester’s SRO

Boulder Lodge Bar & Grill (Facebook)
Boulder Lodge Bar & Grill (Facebook)

Jon Taffer and the Bar Rescue crew will be celebrating their landmark 100th episode at Mac & Chester’s SRO in the Minneapolis suburb of Oak Grove when the popular Spike TV series returns on March 6.


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During Sunday’s episode, titled Hard Heads and Softballs, Taffer is challenged to settle the score between two feuding bar owners – Scott Mack and Todd Chester. The feud has literally split the bar in half. On top of that, Mack has one foot out the door and Chester’s antics are putting his marriage in serious jeopardy.

Just another day at work for Taffer and crew.

Mac & Chester’s SRO was rescued back in early October, 2015. Taffer is well known for rebranding bars that he rescues, and in most cases that rebranding includes a name change. With its biker bar reputation, Taffer followed that rule with Mac & Chester’s SRO, officially renaming the bar the Boulder Lodge Bar & Grill.

Chew Boom has a copy of the Boulder Lodge Bar & Grill’s liquor license information, which you can see below:

Boulder Lodge liquor license
Boulder Lodge liquor license

You can check out the Boulder Lodge website for news, updates, and menu info. The bar also has a fairly active Facebook page that appears to indicate the bar is doing well since the rescue.

On May 7, the Boulder Lodge will be hosting the third annual Dirty Rotten Bikerfest, a Mid-West old style biker rally.

We usually like to include a taste of public reviews as part of our Bar Rescue episode preview, but in this case, only a few outdated reviews were available, so we decided to take a pass.

We’re also including some Facebook and Instagram posts in our episode preview to give readers a feel for the Bar Rescue makeover results.

Please take note that some of the Facebook posts require users to be logged into Facebook to view.

Here’s a look at bar owner Todd Chester and his wife Elise Chester with Bar Rescue’s Mixology Expert Mia Mastroianni and bar industry expert Phil Wills.

March 6th adjust your rabbit ears.. 8 p,m, on Spike T.V. you will see your local watering hole on Bar Rescue!! we will…

Posted by Elise Chester on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Another amazing makeover by John Taffer and the Bar Rescue crew.

Boulder Lodge Bar & Grill inside
Boulder Lodge Bar & Grill inside (Facebook)

Here’s a look at the great patio facilities available outside at the Boulder Lodge Bar & Grill thanks to the amazing work by Taffer and crew.

It's official.. for all of the curious people out there.. our episode of bar rescue will air on March 6th On spike…

Posted by Elise Chester on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Here’s a look at the crowd lining up for the official reveal.


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