Ale to the Chief: Canadian craft brewery launches Obama-inspired beer

Good Robot Brewing Company
Good Robot Brewing Company (Facebook)

A Canadian craft brewery has launched a beer inspired by President Barack Obama to celebrate African Heritage Month.


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Ale to the Chief is the brainchild of the Good Robot Brewing Company, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

According to the CBC, the company is hoping the special brew will inspire a conversation about the city’s north end.

Jillian Moran, who works at the brewery, told the CBC that it’s important to celebrate local history as the neighborhood changes.

Halifax’s north end has historically been home to a large population African Nova Scotians, but in recent years the neighborhood has become home to craft breweries, trendy eateries and white hipsters.

Ale to the Chief is based on the White House Honey Porter that was inspired by Obama after he bought a home brewing kit for the White House kitchen.

The recipe for White House Honey Porter was released to the public in 2012.