McDonald’s Japan launches new Honey Lemon McShake for a limited time

McDonald's Japan's honey lemon shakes
McDonald's Japan's honey lemon shakes (McDonald's Japan)

McDonald’s in Japan is literally shaking things up with the launch of a new flavor McShake: The Honey Lemon.


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The Honey Lemon McShake, by McSweets, will initially roll out at 150 McDonald’s locations in Japan on February 19, and will be available at all locations across the country on February 23.

In a news release, the company says the new drink is sourced from Japanese ingredients, including domestic honey and the famous lemon juice from lemons grown in the country’s Setouchi region.

The new Honey Lemon McShake is priced at 120 yen or about $1.05 for a small and 200 yen, or about $1.75 for a medium.

The new limited time Honey Lemon McShake will buzz off the menu sometime in late March.