Burger 21 launches Spicy Cow Burger and Sundrop Shake for a limited time

Burger 21
Burger 21

The heat is on and Burger 21 is spicing things up with the launch of its new Spicy Cow Burger and Sundrop Shake. Both new menu items will only be available for a limited time.


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Burger 21’s Spicy Cow Burger features certified Angus Beef on a bed of arugula, tomato and pickled jalapeno slices, topped with pepperjack cheese, fried jalapenos, Franks Red Hot sauce and the chain’s new Sriranchup sauce.

You can wash it all down with the chain’s new Sundrop Shake which is made with a blend of creamy vanilla ice cream, orange juice, fresh orange segment and orange zest, topped with whipped cream, an orange slice and orange zest.

The Spicy Cow Burger and Sundrop Shake will be available from Feb. 21 through March 20.