Domino’s is giving away a DXP delivery vehicle: vote now

Domino's DXP Delivery Vehicle
Domino's DXP Delivery Vehicle (Donino's)

Last October, Domino’s Pizza launched their radical, tricked out DXP delivery vehicles. Today, Domino’s launched a contest to bring one of those coveted vehicles to your favorite Domino’s store.


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Currently, only about 100 DXP delivery vehicles are operating in 25 markets across the US. But that’s about to change.

Here’s the deal – starting today, Domino’s fans can go to and vote for their local store to have the chance to win a DXP.

Based on a Chevrolet Spark, DXP delivery vehicles have a built-in warming oven with a capacity to hold 80 pizzas at a time. The DXP also has special compartments for sides, dipping sauces, and 2-liter bottles of soda.

Voting closes on May 15, so if you want to see one of these radical vehicles in your neighborhood delivering Domino’s, don’t miss the voting window. Domino’s says voting is limited to one vote per person, per day.