Jeb Bush lost, but pizza won, here’s why

Jeb Bush Pizza
Jeb Bush Pizza

Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign came to an abrupt end Saturday night in South Carolina, but not before sinking $130 million into his failed campaign.


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On the bright side, there was pizza, and lots of it. The New York Times broke down the former Florida governor’s campaign spending, and unsurprisingly, pizza was the food that topped the list. We say not surprisingly because just as Chew Boom reported last month, pizza is America’s number one comfort food.

Say what you want about Jeb, he kept his campaign workers well fed. According to the New York Times, Jeb’s campaign spent $4,837 on pizza – with most of those pies coming from Domino’s and from Pizza Ranch in Iowa.

As his fortunes declined this winter, Mr. Bush sharply pared back employees’ salaries and consulting fees, even laying off some campaign staff members to bring down costs. But let it never be said that Mr. Bush allowed his team to go hungry. His campaign and super PAC were particularly fond of the pizza, whether from Domino’s or from Pizza Ranch, the Iowa chain.

Here’s where Jeb sank the rest of the $130,000,000:

  • Positive Advertising: $84 Million
  • Clubbing: $94,100
  • Valets: $15,800
  • People: $8.3 Million
  • Branding: $88,387
  • Vegas, Baby: $48,544
  • The Consultants: $10 Million
[VIA NY Times]