Never post a Roll-Up-the-Rim Tim Hortons winning cup photo online, here’s why

Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim
Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim (Instagram user adamjohn21)

With Facebook friends like these, who needs enemies? A woman who posted a photo on Facebook of her prize-winning Roll-Up-the-Rim Tim Hortons cup learned a lesson the hard way after an unknown Facebook friend claimed her prize.


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Margaret Coward of Newfoundland, Canada was excited when she won a $100 Tim Hortons gift card on her Roll-Up-the-Rim coffee cup. Like many people, she shared her excitement by posting a photo of her winning cup on Facebook.

But little did she know that by doing so she also inadvertently revealed the prize-winning PIN code, which can be used online to claim a prize.

Coward told TC Media that she didn’t realize Tim Hortons prizes could be claimed online. Furthermore, she was unaware that anyone with access to the code could claim the prize without the cup.

Within a half hour of posting the photo of her winning cup on Facebook, one of her friends claimed the $100 gift card by using the printed PIN from the photo of the cup she posted on Facebook.

When Coward went online to claim her prize, she quickly learned the prize was already claimed. According to the Hamilton Spectator, a company official informed her that the email of the person who claimed the prize couldn’t be released for privacy reasons.

UPDATE: CTV News is now reporting that a Tim Hortons customer service manager contacted Coward with good news. The company will still honor her prize.

Coward also told CTV News that shortly after she posted her story about being betrayed on Facebook – she lost one of her Facebook friends.

We’re not going to jump to conclusions…. but, you know…