Filthy McDonald’s is exposed on social media and you won’t believe your eyes

Filthy Auckland McDonald's
Filthy Auckland McDonald's ( Tyler Russell Facebook)

A McDonald’s in Auckland, New Zealand has to take the prize as the filthiest among the burger chain’s over 35,000 locations around the world.


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Tyler Russell of Auckland visited the restaurant at around 11:00 p.m. Saturday and was shocked at what he found. Russell posted photos of restaurant on Facebook, showing the trash scattered on tables and floors.

Russell said he only visited the restaurant to use the Wi-Fi but wasn’t able to find a seat because of the trash, according to Stuff.

He told One News Now that he was at the restaurant for about an hour and the piles of garbage got worse by the time he left. He said he was glad he chose not to eat there.

According to Russell, “drunk” customers were to blame for the mess, and he felt sorry for the staff.

“They were throwing rubbish around in front of the staff like they don’t really care. Just typical young teenagers.”

A spokesperson for McDonald’s told Stuff that the Auckland restaurant on Queen Street “does not meet McDonald’s standards of cleanliness and is not acceptable”.

McDonald’s plans to investigate the incident.

So do you blame the customers or staff for the mess? That’s the burning question.

An Auckland resident posted these "filthy" photos of McDonald's restaurant on Queen Street. Tyler Russell took them late on Saturday night. Do you blame customers or staff?

Posted by Chris Lynch on Tuesday, February 23, 2016