McDonald’s launches Simple Delights menu in Southern California

McDonald's Simple Delights menu
McDonald's Simple Delights menu (McDonalds)

About 800 McDonald’s locations in Southern California are offering menu items you just won’t find anywhere else.


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Starting this week, all Southern California McDonald’s restaurants will start offering new items on a “Simple Delights” menu tailored especially for customers in the region.

Egg White & Turkey Sausage Bowl: This 250-calorie meal, with 27 grams of protein, features breakfast turkey sausage, egg whites, sautéed baby spinach and kale, topped with thin shavings of Parmesan cheese and a freshly prepared bruschetta.

Scrambled Egg & Chorizo Bowl: The meal features the bold flavors of crispy hash browns, fluffy scrambled eggs mixed with savory chorizo, topped with shredded cheddar and jack cheese with freshly prepared pico de gallo and spicy roasted salsa roja on the side.

Breakfast Bowls will be available during normal breakfast hours and are priced at $4.39.

McDonald’s has also partnered with Greek yogurt maker Chobani for its parfaits and smoothies.

McDonald’s Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait and McCafé Smoothies are now made with Chobani Non-Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt. The smoothies and parfaits will be on the new Simple Delights menu, providing balanced options customers can feel good about.

According to McDonald’s spokeswoman, Lisa McComb, it’s a regional test at restaurants in Los Angeles and San Diego.

At this point the company says it would be premature to say if there are plans to expand the items to other regions, according to the report.