These new Hostess M&M’s and Milky Way Brownies will melt in your universe

Hostess M&Ms Brownies
Hostess M&Ms Brownies (Twitter)

If you ask anyone the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear the word Hostess, they’re likely going to say Twinkies. But the original creme-filled snack company has more than just a Twinkie up their sleeve.

Thanks to a tweet from ENM Sales & Services, we now have an early look at two new Hostess brownie flavors: Hostess Milky Way Brownies and Hostess M&M’S Brownies.

Hostess Milky Way Brownies
Hostess Milky Way Brownies (Twitter)

The new Milky Way brownie features a Hostess Brownie base that is topped with Milky Way bar pieces.

The new M&M’s brownie features a Hostess Brownie base that is embedded with, and topped with whole M&M’s.

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