Spring doughnuts return to Krispy Kreme

Spring doughnuts return to Krispy Kreme
Spring doughnuts return to Krispy Kreme

They’re Baaack! Spring is in the air and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is celebrating the return of its line of spring doughnuts, including the Bunny Bum, Chocolate Iced Glazed with Sprinkles, Chick, Egg, and White Iced Sprinkled Egg doughnut.


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Krispy Kreme’s spring doughnut line is available now through March 27.

In addition to the return of spring doughnuts, on February 29, and for one day only to celebrate Leap Day – buy any dozen and get a dozen of original glazed doughnuts for $2.29.

Here’s a look at the line:

The Bunny Bum doughnut is a heart-shaped doughnut dipped in white and glossy icing. The bunny tail is created with a dollop of white Kreme and finished off with bunny feet made of sugar.

The Chocolate Iced Glazed doughnut is dipped in chocolate icing and topped with colorful sprinkles.

The Chick doughnut is filled with our classic white Kreme and dipped in yellow icing and sanding sugar. It is then finished with orange and chocolate icing. The Egg is a filled doughnut dipped in purple icing and topped with yellow and green detail icing.

The White Iced Sprinkled Egg features a colorful sprinkle blend on top of a white and glossy base. It’s sure to delight customers of all ages!