Peeps flavored milk is back and you’re going milk it to the last drop

Peeps Flavored Milk
Peeps Flavored Milk

Peeps fans must be in marshmallow heaven today after Chew Boom reported the release of Peeps flavored frozen yogurt – but the good news just keeps flowing. And when we say flowing, we’re talking about a river of Peeps flavored milk.


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That’s right, it’s back and available nationwide. Originally released for a limited time in 2015, Peeps milk was an instant hit and just like the Easter Bunny, if hopped away down the bunny trail.

For the 2016 release, Prairie Farms and Peeps teamed up to offer four flavors: Chocolate Marshmallow, Classic Egg Nog, as well as two new flavors: Orange Crème and Strawberry Crème. The new Orange Crème will be available exclusively at Walmart.

Prairie Farms new Peeps strawberry creme milk is the special ingredient in these sensational strawberry treats.

Prairie Farms new Peeps orange creme milk- exclusively available at Walmart, is the secret ingredient in this orange flavored cake.