This Wahlburgers premiere party at Wahlburgers Coney Island is all about the sizzle

Wahlburgers premiere party
Wahlburgers premiere party

If you’re a Wahlburgers fan, and yes we’re talking about the burger and reality TV show, you won’t want to miss this season 5 premiere party.


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Season 5 of the popular A&E original series Wahlburgers premieres on Wednesday, March 9th, and you’re invited to celebrate the show’s return at Wahlburgers Coney Island.

For $100, fans can enjoy watching the premiere in the restaurant or on its roof deck – heaters will be provided to keep your other buns warm – while enjoying a sampling of Wahlburgers signature menu items as well as complimentary beer and wine. Organizers of the event say a certain Wahlburgers chef will stop by briefly to say thank you to all the guests.

Event activities run from 6.00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m., March 9 at Wahlburgers Coney Island.

A portion of the proceeds will help support feeding families in need.