Doritos launches ‘Bold 50’ campaign to celebrate 50th anniversary

Doritos Bold 50
Doritos Bold 50

Doritos just launched a new “Bold 50” campaign that challenges fans to be part of 50 world records with Doritos during 2016 as part of Doritos’ 50th anniversary celebrations.


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Doritos says the first record was set on Sunday, February 7 as 22 people participated in the “Tallest Suspended Football Party,” where Doritos fans were suspended by a crane more than 13 stories above the ground with a once-in-a-lifetime view of Levi’s Stadium.

According to Doritos, the record is just the first of 50 records to be set this year by the brand’s boldest fans – which will be verified by the Las Vegas-based world record organization

Examples of other records that could be broken include:

  • Highest Location to Eat Doritos chips – Fans are challenged to take their Doritos bags to new heights around the globe.
  • Tallest House of Cards Built Using Doritos – Construct a pyramid of Doritos chips.
  • Farthest Doritos chips tossed in mouth. Be sure to measure the distance of your throw.