Tim Hortons debuts 2 new Nutella filled treats

Nutella is back at Time Hortons, but just like last year, treats featuring Nutella will only be available for a limited time.


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With the return of Nutella, Tim Hortons Canada is also introducing two new Nutella treats: the Nutella filled Croissant and Nutella filled Cookie.

The new Cookie is filled with rich Nutella and topped with chopped, roasted hazelnuts.

The new Croissant features a flaky, buttery croissant filled with rich Nutella.

Last year’s favorites – the Chocolate Hazelnut Donut and Pastry Pockets filled with Nutella – are also back for a limited time.

No word yet if Tim Hortons plans to bring back Nutella products at US franchises, but we wouldn’t bet against it. If they do, we’ll let you know.