KFC now offering a Colonel Quality Taste Guarantee

KFC now offering a Colonel Quality Taste Guarantee
KFC now offering a Colonel Quality Taste Guarantee (KFC)

You could say Kentucky Fried Chicken is turning back the clock by recommitting to the standards set forth by founder Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952.


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KFC said the changes announced today enable KFC to immediately offer a “Colonel Quality Taste Guarantee,” at all of its US restaurants.

Fans that are dissatisfied with any portion of their KFC order can have it remade immediately.

“To everyone who grew up with the familiar taste of KFC and has turned away from us in recent years, you can come back again,” said Marker. “KFC is getting back to the way our founder made chicken – The Hard Way – the right way. We’re ensuring every KFC cook understands the Colonel’s once patented process that helped make KFC the world’s most famous chicken.”

The changes – which the company is calling “Re-Colonelization” affect every one of the more than 4,200 US KFC locations and include:

Chicken Mastery Certification: The food in every KFC restaurant is cooked by real cooks, freshly prepared in store every day. To help ensure consistent training across the country, managers and cooks underwent re-certification in KFC’s “Chicken Mastery” program, retraining them in the 25-minute process for prepping and cooking Original Recipe chicken. The process starts with quality chicken raised on U.S. farms, which is hand breaded and seasoned with the Colonel’s Secret Recipe of 11 herbs and spices and then pressure fried.

Colonel Quality Taste Guarantee: KFC stands behind the changes it has made, and to show its commitment to doing things The Hard Way has instituted the “Colonel Quality Taste Guarantee,” which promises customers will be satisfied or the restaurant will remake the portion of their the meal they didn’t love.

Re-Colonelization continues KFC’s journey to becoming no. 1 on taste by the end of 2017.