Restaurant Impossible – So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market in Texas

Restaurant Impossible ambushes So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market in Texas
Restaurant Impossible ambushes So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market in Texas

This week on Restaurant Impossible Robert Irvine and his crew are in the Lone Star State to ambush the owners of So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market in Harker Heights, Texas.


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Robert and the crew find themselves in Harker Heights after responding to a plea for help from the owner’s eldest daughter.

The owners, Luvina and Jameel Sabree opened the restaurant back in August, 2013, because of their passion for healthy food, but with absolutely no experience running a restaurant they quickly fell into debt and have been forced to staff their business with family. Luvina, a Chicago native and former registered nurse moved to Central Texas when her husband Jameel was stationed at Fort Hood.

Luvina and Jameel Sabree
Luvina and Jameel Sabree (Facebook)

Robert has to teach the owners efficient operating procedures while at the same time turning their unspectacular healthy food offerings into healthy menu items that taste great.

The episode, titled “Ambush: Exercise Surprise” was filmed back in February of this year. If you’re in the area, So Natural is hosting a Restaurant Impossible episode viewing party on Wednesday, April 20, from 7:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m., – seating is all taken, but the local Field House Gym will be opening its doors for the overflow crowd. The hosts plan to start the evening off with a menu created by Chef Robert Irvine and feast on celebratory cake provided by Tamara of Sweet Eats – before settling down to digest their 2-day Restaurant Impossible journey condensed into a 60 minute episode.

Sabree described the Restaurant Impossible makeover as “breathtaking,” to the Harker Heights Herald. She also said since Robert’s intervention, they have seen a 50 percent increase in business.

You can check out the So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market’s Facebook Page for special announcements. Additionally, So Natural also has an active website, but could use a makeover to bring it into the 21st century. For a closer look at the owners, you can check out Jameel’s Facebook Page here, and Luvina’s Facebook page here.

The Reviews are in

We took a look at reviews on Yelp since the makeover, and what we found was quite surprising. All the reviews are very positive, but that’s not the surprise. We also took a look back at pre-makeover reviews, and the vast majority of past reviews are five stars – which leads us to believe that the problems Robert found at So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market were probably related to a lack of business knowledge as opposed to a lack of food knowledge. Here’s a look at a few reviews since the Restaurant Impossible makeover:

  • The food here is fantastic – it looks like they’ve stayed true to the recipes and techniques imparted by Chef Irvine.
  • Had the privilege to eat here today. Ordered the salmon and it was delicious.
  • The TV show Restaurant Impossible was just out last week, and the place looks amazing! I never had the opportunity to go out before the renovation, but I am VERY pleased with the current state.
  • HUGE Makeover! I hope more folks come out to eat here! I’m only in town a few times a year and this has been my place.

Restaurant Impossible “Ambush: Exercise Surprise” airs on April 20, on Food Network.