Bar Rescue – Cajun Belle formerly Grinders in Santa Clarita, California

Bar Rescue – Cajun Belle formerly Grinders in Santa Clarita, California
Bar Rescue – Cajun Belle formerly Grinders in Santa Clarita, California

This week on Bar Rescue Jon Taffer and crew are in Southern California, to rescue Grinders, a pizzeria and sports bar in Santa Clarita. The owners, Jessica Murrie and Dave Murrie are in total disarray while facing threats of closure from the city.


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During the Bar Rescue makeover, which took place in late January, 2016, Grinders was renamed The Cajun Belle.

Owners Jessica Murrie and Dave Murrie originally purchased Grinders, a pizzeria, for $77,000. The pair thought it would be a good idea to transform the pizza restaurant into a full functioning bar. However, after starting construction without proper permits, the city ordered a stop to construction immediately. With over $100,000 spent in dealing with the city, Jessica and Dave found themselves running a business in an unfinished space.

Due to the setbacks, Dave has become disengaged from the business while Jessica has been left to shoulder the weight of a failing business. With over $250,000 in total debt and losses of $2,500 every month, Dave and Jessica have agreed to pull back the doors, bust open the books and make a call for help – to Bar Rescue.

According to a local report, the style, colors and menu changed during the makeover, with some food items dropping in price. The bar is now more couple friendly and attracts a different clientele.

We also learn from the article that Taffer’s changes were dramatic and life-saving for the bar.

The bigger story of Murrie’s experience sinking her life savings into Grinder’s Bar will appear in Canyon Country Magazine next month, in order to not betray the benefit of surprise in the show, but suffice it to say, changes were dramatic and life-saving for the bar.

To get familiar with the Cajun Belle, you can take a look at the bar’s Facebook page. At the time this episode primer was published, a Cajun Belle website wasn’t available. The bar is holding an episode viewing party during Sunday’s broadcast. “Demolition Man” airs Sunday, May 1, on Spike TV. Check local listings for times. You can also check out Jessica Murrie’s personal Facebook page for even more information and interesting photos.

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Final night of filming for Bar Rescue for Grinders 😉

Posted by Jessica Rose on Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Reviews are in

Regular readers know that we like to take a look at bar reviews since the rescue. Let’s take a look at some Cajun Belle reviews on Yelp since Jon Taffer visited.

All of the Yelp reviews since the makeover are very positive. In fact, were couldn’t find a negative reviews since the rescue. Let’s take a look:

  • The bartender Sterling is super polite and she always made sure I had a full beer in front of me. I see this place doing better now the named changed from “Grinders.” I am pleased with my overall experience… I hope this place gets a lot more regulars because it’s a feel-good environment.
  • I love this place!! The staff is all so friendly; every one of them. Recently renovated and redone; looks awesome! Great selection of beers; including my fav IPA.
  • Great spot! Great beers on tap. Awesome service. Tastes treats! The owners are very very nice. I always have fun here! They have a pool table, karaoke and live bands. Nice local bar. It’s a plus that I can walk to it too!

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City Threatens To Shut Down SoCal Bar

Grinders, in Southern California, is in danger of closing it’s doors due to unlicensed construction.

Bar Owner Eats Recon Spy’s Disgusting Sandwich

Taffer cannot believe his eyes when he watches the owner of Grinder’s “test” a patron’s turkey sandwich.