McDonald’s brings back Mighty Wings… again

McDonald’s brings back Mighty Wings for a third time
McDonald’s brings back Mighty Wings for a third time

Bone-in chicken wings are back at McDonald’s and your first thought is probably – why? First introduced in 1990, Mighty Wings never did take flight, so by 2003 the item was removed from menus nationwide, only to return again in 2013. And just like before, Mighty Wings failed to connect with consumers and ended up being plucked from menus for a second time, only to return for a limited-time in Detroit last summer.


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Fast-forward to 2016 and Mighty Wings have landed at 285 McDonald’s restaurants throughout Atlanta. Testing will run until mid-June, but according to The Street, Mighty Wings are unlikely to become a permanent menu item due to their high purchase cost.

McDonald’s was offering samples of Mighty Wings at this year’s Atlanta’s Cinco de Mayo festival.

Despite their checkered past, Mighty Wings appeared to be a hit among festival goers.