Papa John’s Pepperoni Rolls Review

Papa John's Pizza Pepperoni Rolls Review
Papa John's Pizza Pepperoni Rolls Review

If you enjoy snacking on the go and you’re looking for something quick, simple and portable, Papa John’s new Pepperoni Rolls will definitely fit your snacking profile.


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Papa John’s Pepperoni Rolls feature pepperoni along with three cheeses – fontina, asiago, and provolone paired with ranch sauce and rolled in fresh dough that’s baked to a crispy golden brown. If you’re not into ranch sauce, Papa John’s will be happy to swap it out for something that suits your taste.

An order consists of 6 rolls and will cost you $5. Just keep in mind that Pizza Pepperoni Rolls are apps – and really aren’t intended to be a substitute for a meal.

Based on what we’re been hearing from fans that have tried the new rolls, consistency can vary from shop to shop. We also found inconsistencies among rolls in a single order. That’s understandable, considering the complexity of producing a menu item of this nature. It seems like a lot of work for an app.

Here’s a look at JoeysWorldTour’s review. He gives Papa John’s Pizza Pepperoni Rolls a 9 out of 10. His experience differs from ours in some aspects.

Overall, Papa John’s Pizza Pepperoni Rolls get a positive Chew Again rating from Chew Boom. We have likes and dislikes, however, these rolls are tasty and hit the mark on portability and value.

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