Bar Rescue at Cirivello’s in Long Beach, California

Bar Rescue at Cirivello’s in Long Beach, California
Bar Rescue at Cirivello’s in Long Beach, California (Screen Capture)

Tonight on Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Long Beach, California to help the owners of Cirivello’s dig themselves out of a money pit. Cirivello’s is yet another bar with multiple identities – it’s also know as Cirivello’s Sports Stop, Cirivello’s place, and by its new name – the Aging Room at Cirivello’s – courtesy of the Jon Taffer.


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After convincing his friends to invest their life savings, rookie bar owner Danny Harris has transformed the community stable into a bottomless money pit.

Money Pit

According to Danny, Cirivello’s is losing between $12,000 and $15,000 every month, has $375,000 in debt, and will close in four months if something isn’t done to save the bar.

Hostile Takeover

With investors, including the Allen family and Marcus Rosenthal owning a majority stake in the business (60%), Taffer puts a hostile takeover on the table.

You can check out the Cirivello’s unofficial Facebook Page for more info on activity at the bar and there’s also the Cirivello’s Sports Stop Facebook Page, which is worth checking out. The Aging Room at Cirivello’s also has an official Instagram page.  Danny Harris’s has a personal Facebook Page that you can check out as well. Danny also owns The Dog House Hot Dog Shoppe in Lakewood, Ca., where he serves up gourmet hot dogs and specialty sausages. We took a quick look at some of the most recent reviews on Yelp, and the majority appear to be on the negative side of the scale.

The Rescue and The Name Game

The rescue went down in February, 2016 and Taffer renamed the bar the Aging Room at Cirivello’s – but by all appearances, the owners prefer just to call it Cirivello’s.

Cirivellos just got a makeover, new menu, and cocktails! Swing by and say hello!

Posted by Justin Allen on Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Reviews are in

We always like to take a look at some of the most recent reviews since Taffer’s intervention, and in the case of Cirivello’s, the reviews indicate problems with service still exist.

Positive Reviews

  • We haven’t been to Cirivellos in a few years, so i was a little nervous going in here based on some of the recent reviews. However I was extremely happy with everything. I ordered the Buffalo Chicken salad and it was delicious.
  • Great food! Good drinks! The bartender Andrea makes a delicious bloody mary.
  • Great atmosphere live music with a separate dinning area . Had the short ribs and ahi and they were awesome !!!!! Waiter Julio anticipated our needs ! ThAnks for an awesome time !!!
  • Great food the pesto chicken sandwich is the bomb and the wings are meaty. Andrea the bartender is a superb mixologist. Owners friendly and open to suggestions of all sorts. Newly remodeled by Bar Rescue program on T.V and looks great.

Negative Reviews

  • Will never go here again. Period. My husband and I went last weekend on a super random spur of the moment drive by. We live in the neighborhood and knew it had recently gotten redone by Bar Rescue so we decided to try it out.
  • I thought this place was reworked by some company? Management / ownership failed terribly. We ordered some REGULAR fries and we got them an hour and a half later. Whenever we wanted more beer, we had to remind you guys 10x times for it.
  • The remodel looks great, but my husband and I received the same, “not so great” service at the bar. We’ve been there for dinner with the kids and it’s always been very good. It just seems that when we go to the bar, we get ignored by the wait-staff.
  • This place is very poorly managed!!! drinks took about 26 min. The food was very good but wasn’t brought out to each guest who ordered it instead server went around asking guests if they had what the server was holding in their hand.
  • AVOID this place at all costs! Service was non existent. It took FOREVER to get our drinks. Not kidding you, 30-45 minutes for 2 margaritas. Which in fact, we had to send back! It was literally watered down tequila with a squeeze of lemon. One of them had salt around the rim, and the other one didn’t!
  • So I’ve driven by this place since it opened up and never went in but always wanted to try it. It took around 15 or 20 minutes to order and another 30 minutes to get the food.
  • The food wasn’t that great. It wasn’t crap either, it just wasn’t worth what it cost. Maybe this place is better if you’re drunk.
  • I have been here a few times. Before “Bar rescue” and after. I see no difference. I feel that some of the staff is rude. And I feel they don’t schedule proper staffing for special events. I will not come here again. This is just my opinion.

‘Uh-Oh, Here Comes Jon Taffer’

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