Bar Rescue – Brick and Barley formerly Baseline Sports Bar

Bar Rescue – Brick and Barley formerly the Baseline Sports Bar
Bar Rescue – Brick and Barley formerly the Baseline Sports Bar (Facebook)

This week on Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Tempe, Arizona, to help out the owner of a local biker bar, the Baseline Sports Bar.


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During the makeover, which took place back in January, Taffer changed the name to Brick and Barley : A Neighborhood Bar. This week’s episode is titled Momster’s Ball.

Fridays are super DEE duper at Brick and Barley…..There is simply no better way to end your week than with the AJ &…

Posted by Brick and Barley A Neighborhood Bar on Friday, February 12, 2016

How We Got Here

In 2005, the Baseline Sports Bar went on the market, and then general manager AJ Hunter saw an opportunity to own her own business. In order to secure the finances to purchase the bar, Hunter took out a $250,000 lean against her home.

Big Money

With the bar consistently bringing in between $65,000 – $80,000 per month, Hunter didn’t feel putting her home on the line was such a big risk at the time.

Babes and More Babes

Moving forward, Hunter rebranded the bar by hiring an all-female bar staff. Baseline Sports Bar became the home of the Baseline Babes. And in an effort to keep things in the family, Hunter hired her two daughters, Xatia and Diva. Despite being good bartenders, Hunter’s daughters ignored female customers. Hunter described her daughters as “terrible employees.”

That Sinking Feeling

As customers defected from the bar, Hunter fell deeper into debt and standards at the bar dropped.

On the verge losing everything she owns, and with the bar losing $4,000 every month, and in debt to the tune of $190,000, Hunter decided to pull back the doors, bust open the books and make a call for help, to Bar Rescue.

Blow By Blow Coverage

According to an article in the Phoenix New Times, Hunter’s daughters almost came to blows with Taffer during the rescue.

Hunter says there were some screaming matches between her daughters and Taffer over how the business was run – and things got so heated that it almost came to blows.

“I honestly thought at one point, one or both of my daughters were going to throw a punch. I honestly did,” Hunter was quoted as saying.

A Much Closer Look

The Brick and Barley has a new Facebook Page, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can check out the old Facebook Page for the Baseline Sports Bar. You can much more personal with AJ Hunter by visiting her personal Facebook Page.  If you’re feeling nostalgic, you check out the Baseline Sports Bar website, for older pics and, well, older pics.

The Reviews Are In

We always like to take a look at online reviews of the bars featured on Bar Rescue post-rescue. Overall, since the rescue, most of the reviews for the Brick and Barley are positive, but it’s important to note that judging by some of the negative reviews, there’s still room for improvement.. Here’s a sample of some of the reviews on Yelp.

Positive Reviews

  • This is a nice bar and grill with a decent menu and fairly priced drinks. I had the Reuben and it was done nicely. The fries were also tasty. The decor is comfortable with lots of dark woods and brick facade. There is a pool table and shuffleboard to play.
  • The recent upgrades have really turned it into something special. The old and new staff are some if the best that there is. The clientele is diverse and loyal. This place is a true gem. Great menu and service. An extremely good value for your money.
  • Amazing! What a great atmosphere, friendly staff, incredibly delicious food (try the Whitney wings!), well priced drinks and really just expect an all around great time! Highly recommended and yes, I will be coming back many times! Love it!
  • Awesome place, great food and cheap drinks, staff is very friendly. Stopped by to try it out, cab not recommend it highly enough.
  • The place is clean the food is good and the wait staff and bartenders are very nice. No complaints. Lots of TVs if you’re looking for that.

Negative Reviews

  • It’s called brick and barley now…2 stars for the service from the bartender. She just had a bad attitude and zero sense of urgency which comes off as lazy and uninterested in her job or customers.
  • I have been coming here off and on for many years. Came back to check it out after the bar rescue. Looks like they never changed the menu at all, and the bathrooms are still gross.
  • Very disappointed!! Went there before bar rescue and it was dirty and not very inviting. Went after bar rescue and ordered a burger medium to medium rare .I was told it will be cooked however the cook wants.




Here’s a look at a couple of promo videos for this episode of Bar Rescue

Watch Taffer lose it as the spaghetti wrestling begins

Mother Vs. Daughters Behind The Bar

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