Hotel Hell at the Beachfront Inn and Inlet Grill in Fort Pierce, Florida

Hotel Hell at the Beachfront Inn and Inlet Grill in Fort Pierce, Florida
Hotel Hell at the Beachfront Inn and Inlet Grill in Fort Pierce, Florida (Fox)

Gordon Ramsay is in Fort Pierce, Florida for the latest episode of Hotel Hell, where he helps Brian Paul, the owner of the Beachfront Inn and Inlet Grill, turn his businesses around.


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According to the episode teaser, Brian Paul is struggling to keep control of his business while at the same time making good on a family loan from his brother.

From what we understand, Brian Paul did not approach the producers of Hotel Hell for help. In fact, it was the other way around, based on negative online reviews that caught the attention of Hotel Hell producers. Much more on reviews later – see below.

It’s also important to note that members of the public that participate in the filming of Hotel Hell episodes are expected to pay out-of-pocket for their own meals, rooms, ect.

A local news report in the video below offers a glimpse of what some fans experienced during the filming at the Beachfront Inn and Inlet Grill, including Gordon Ramsay’s angry reaction to the food he was served at the Inlet Grill. Filming for the episode took place over about 5-days in October, 2015.

A Closer Look

If you’d like to explore and find out more about the Beachfront Inn and Inlet Grill, you can check out the Inlet Grill’s Facebook Page and Website. Additionally, the Beachfront Inn itself has its own Facebook Page and Website.

It’s also interesting to note that the Beachfront Inn and Inlet Grill represent just two of Brian Paul’s companies – others include Hutch Island, the Pelican Seafood Company, Moby’s Grill and Tower Ten.

Shots! Not The Liquid Variety

Back in May, 2015, two men sustained non life-threatening injuries during a Saturday morning shooting incident near The Inlet Grill and Beachfront Inn on Hutchinson Island, according to a report in TCPalm. Brian Paul told the TCPalm that the incident happened on nearby city-owned property, not his in his establishment.

Since Gordon’s visit, Brian Paul has made several improvements to his properties, including an updated menu, room renovations, deck improvements, and construction of a huge new parking lot is currently underway.

The Inlet will be hosting a viewing party when the episode first airs on Tuesday, July 19.

The Reviews Are In

We always like to take a look at online reviews of the businesses Gordon Ramsay helps out on Hotel Hell. Since Gordon’s visit to the Beachfront Inn and Inlet Grill, reviews are decidedly mixed and appear to be mostly negative. In fact, bad service stands out as the main theme among many of the negative reviews.  Let’s take a look at some recent Yelp reviews of the Inlet Grill.

Inlet Grill Reviews

Positive Reviews

  • Love this place, I go every time I am back home! Great food, great drinks and the best view!
  • We had a great dinner, and great atmosphere. We had lots of apps, drinks and dinner. We were going to stay for dessert. The food was really … Really good. It is such a shame that I have to tank their review based on service.
  • Great food, the service was fast and friendly. The band was very entertaining and played for several hours. The rooms were clean and size was good.

Negative Reviews

  • Food was a bit over priced. And not very tasty. Bland an simple no WOW factor….. Not real impressed with the service…
  • I ordered calamari to start. The waitress forgot to put it in so it took 30 min to come out. And when it did, it was not what I expected. I am pretty sure it was imitation or cheap version there of. And the sauce is pasta sauce not marinara.
  • This place was dead compared to the two places next to it. I went there because it had a nice big patio with tv’s and no crowd. Hostess was so bored she didnt realize I was there. server was very effecient but the burger was obvious a frozen patty and really bland.
  • The food is terrible the service is worse. And zero respect for custumers. Ive fequented this place since it opened and tonight i was yelled at by the bartender for simply trying to order a drink.
  • I couldn’t do it without a star. But this place deserved nothing. We went on a Sunday evening and our meals took forever. the seafood sampler arrived with two pieces of fish and four shrimp. For $16. After a half hour wait.
  • Horrible attitudes from staff. Slow service. Rude security. Drinks took 20 mins to come out.

We also took a look at Beachfront Inn reviews over at TripAdvisor. The reviews here tell a very different story compared to the Inlet Grill.  The vast majority of reviews are positive, with many of the reviewers giving the inn 5-Stars.

Beachfront Inn Reviews

  • So great to see the rooms and have a walk through they are cute as hell, classic and the views, the cleanest fastest inlet, the jetty, with the best food and drinks.
  • Right on one of the best inlets on the east coast of Florida.World class fishing at my doorstep. I will be back next time I visit from Orlando..Great rooms at a reasonable rate.
  • A newly renovated hotel with a beautiful view. You can literally step outside of your room and onto the beach! You have everything you need,
  • Awesome service, great food, affordable prices, beautiful location and environment! I would highly recommend friends and family to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at this great establishment…

Final Observations

The Beachfront Inn and Inlet Grill appear to be doing a lot of things right, but it’s disappointing to see so many complaints about the service at the Inlet. It’s a simple fix and it can have a devastating impact on a restaurant’s success in the long term if not rectified. It really is mind-boggling trying to understand how two connected businesses could have two very different qualities of service. While the service at the Beachfront Inn shines, just next door at the Inlet Grill the service is being described by some patrons as horrible. Overall, Brian Paul appears to be on a road to business success, but ignoring the service issue at the Inlet Grill could come back to bite him where it hurts.

We’ve come a long way in a just a few years, and it only gets better from here! Thank you to everyone that has helped…

Posted by The Inlet on Friday, July 8, 2016

Here’s a Fox promo video for this episode of Hotel Hell at the Beachfront Inn and Inlet Grill

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