Hotel Hell at Landoll’s Mohican Castle in Loudonville, Ohio

Hotel Hell at Landoll's Mohican Castle in Loudonville, Ohio
Hotel Hell at Landoll's Mohican Castle in Loudonville, Ohio

This week on Hotel Hell, Gordon Ramsay is in Loudonville, Ohio to help out the owner of Landoll’s Mohican Castle.


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According to this week’s episode teaser, Ramsay meets a woman who works countless hours to keep her hotel and events business afloat. Gordon assesses the situation and urges her son to learn the business and take the reins from his mother. Together, they throw a fairytale wedding at the castle.

Located south of Loudonville, the Landoll’s Mohican Castle is co-owned by Marta Landoll and managed by her son Jimmy Landoll. (It sounds like Gordon was successful in convincing Marta’s son to take the reins).

Hollywood Comes A Callin’

We also understand that the Hotel Hell team reached out to Jimmy and Marta with an unsolicited offer of help. Despite the offer, being selected to appear in a Hotel Hell episode isn’t automatic – the selection process can take several months, and numerous interviews.

Filming for the season 3 finale episode took place over a period of about ten days back in December, 2015.

During an interview with WTTE Fox 28, Marta and Jimmy indicated their finances were in good shape before Ramasy’s visit, but they both lacked experience in the hospitality industry.

Jimmy and Marta described Gordon Ramsay as being “very genuine” and “very caring.” Jimmy went on to say that Gordon was “very blunt and honest, and comes as advertised.” They both  praised Gordon for genuinely wanting to help them, including reaching out to them several times since filming ended.

The help continued post-filming with Gordon sending Jimmy on a three-day training course at the Embassy Suites in Pittsburgh. Gordon also provided the mother and son team with a chef for a month as well as ongoing access to a hotel consultant.

A Booming Business

Business is booming and Marta and Jimmy credit Gordon Ramsay and the Hotel Hell team for this year’s success. “We’re by far having the best year we’ve ever had, we’re literally full every day,” Marta told Fox 28. Marta said they took every piece of advice Ramsay and the Hotel Hell team offered, something that they were told was “very rare.”

The Fix Is In

Here’s what went down during Ramsay’s time at Landoll’s Mohican Castle:

The hotel’s restaurant, The Stepping Stone, was re-branded and renamed The Copper Mug Bar & Grill. Ramsay and his team created a new restaurant logo and redesigned the dinner and wedding menus. The team also gave the special event space a makeover.

Huge Losses

Since the show filmed, Jimmy Landoll lost 65 pounds. Just keep that in mind if the episode inspires you to vacation at Landoll’s Mohican Castle. Jimmy will be somewhat unrecognizable.

Jimmy and Marta Landoll
Jimmy and Marta Landoll (Screen grab Fox 28)

A Closer Look

For more info on Landoll’s Mohican Castle, you can check out the hotel’s website. The Landoll’s Mohican Castle also has an active Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram.

On The Auction Block

Back in April, 2011, the Ashland Times-Gazette reported Landoll’s Mohican Castle was heading to the auction block.

According to the report, the asking price was not disclosed, but the Ashland County Auditor’s online records valued the property and 35.5 acres of land at $2,458,390.

The Hanover Township resort was opened in 2002 by James and Marta Landoll. The couple divorced in May 2009. Under the terms of the divorce agreement, Marta Landoll was to continue managing the business with the goal of making it self-supporting as soon as possible. The agreement also called for listing the Castle for sale with a broker to be agreed on by both parties within 18 months of the divorce.

The Reviews Are In

This is the part of the show where we like to take a look at online reviews since Ramsay’s intervention. We took a close look at TripAdvisor reviews since Ramsay’s visit and for the most part, reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Landoll’s Mohican Castle Positive Reviews

  • This place is very neat! Especially if you like history. We did the ghost tour And Jimmy was great! He knew so much about the property and the history of the place. We stayed in the Hardesty suite which was beautiful. Great quiet getaway!
  • …overall, a fantastic experience, atmosphere, and place to just relax, have a nice dinner, and spend a little downtime. Next time we will get a castle room.
  • This place is so unique, it is a must see! Landol’s Tower (the room) was spacious and the natural light that comes in makes it beautiful. The Hardesty was a grand room and the bed was super comfortable. Both were well cleaned.
  • Was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable our stay was. The castle is less medieval, and more like a quaint little cottage exploded upwards with turrets and spiral staircases. Our room (which was not in the castle proper) was impeccably clean…


Landoll’s Mohican Castle Negative Reviews

  • Mouse in the house!!! While I was at first excited about the cute little cottage feel I want to let any family know that there are most definitely some issues with this home. It does feel “clean” … we found that a mouse had gotten into our snacks…


The Copper Mug Bar & Grill

We also took a close look at TripAdvisor reviews for the restaurant side of the business, and like the hotel, the majority of reviews are positive. If you take a close look at the TripAdvisor reviews,  you’ll notice management (Marta) is very responsive to both negative and positive reviews.

Positive Reviews

  • Ate here when we stayed at the castle. They served fresh homemade blueberry jam with warm rolls and butter. It was so good! Dinner was good too! The stuffed mushrooms were excellent!
  • My family and I stopped here for dinner over the July 4th weekend. It was very scenic and quiet. Our hostess and server were incredibly nice…
  • Atmosphere was great. Our waitress was helpful in our choosing of desserts. There was a huge selection and they all looked good. We enjoyed our food and our stay. Good job!!!!

Negative Reviews

  • I had high expectations especially after reading that Gordon Ramsay had just been to the property for “Hotel Hell”. Our food (beef stroganoff) was cold and the meat in the dish was terrible and tough.
  • We ate here 2 nights in a row. The first night my husband ordered the filet and I ordered the NY strip. He ordered his filet medium rare to medium and was brought a steak that was very rare.


Here’s a look at the promo video for the Hotel Hell season finale at Landoll’s Mohican Castle

Will Gordon be able to help this hotel owner pull off a wedding? Find out in the all-new episode, “Landoll’s Mohican Castle”.


Images – YouTube/Landoll’s Mohican Castle/Fox 28

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