Tim Hortons Has a Twix Donut and Nothing Else Really Matters

Tim Hortons Has a Twix Donut and Nothing Else Matters
Tim Hortons Has a Twix Donut

For just a moment, I was left speechless and craving a Twix, for good reason. Tim Hortons has a new donut made with Twix, the bar. My favorite bar. But there’s more. They also brought back the Oreo Cookie Donut. Pour the milk.


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Although Tim Hortons is promoting the Oreo Cookie Donut as “new,” it really isn’t. It’s been kicking around in one form or another for the past few years. I understand the new incarnation has been given a tweak, but it’s essentially the same.

And as you’d expect, the new donut made with Twix, – or the Twix Donut, as I like to call it – has a Twix caramel filling and a glazed caramel topping that’s embedded with crumbled Twix bar pieces.

The Oreo Cookie Donut features an Oreo creme filling and a glazed Oreo creme topping embedded with pieces of crumbled Oreo chocolate wafers.

The new Twix Donut and Oreo Cookie Donut are priced at $1.25 each, and will be available for a limited time at participating restaurants.

Instagramer crossfit_sam13 Didn’t Enjoy it at All

“Twix donut from Tim Hortons was actually pretty disgusting!!!”

A Beautiful Combo

Twitter user @BallerMarcell asked “who could beat this beautiful combo?