Golden Corral Premium Weekends Prime Rib Review

Golden Corral Premium Weekends Prime Rib Review
Golden Corral Premium Weekends Prime Rib Review

My wife and I recently visited Golden Corral to take advantage of the Premium WeekendsEndless Prime Rib” special priced at $13.99. As you probably already noticed, we were interested in dining on our favorite item, prime rib. Admittedly, we’re both Jeff Foxworthy fans and only decided to give it a go after catching Jeff promoting Premium Weekends in a Golden Corral TV commercial.


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To be perfectly honest, we had a very bad buffet experience in the past and were reluctant to try another. But Jeff Foxworthy convinced us to give it a go! What can we say, we’re big fans.

When we arrived, it was very busy and the line was much longer that we expected. We considered our options but ultimately decided to wait it out.

We found the amount of items available at Golden Corral overwhelming. We specifically went for the prime rib and stuck to our plans. With multiple sides available, we decided to go the  traditional route with mashed potatoes, veg, and lots of gravy.

We’re still fans of Jeff Foxworthy, but we will approach items he promotes with caution in the future.

Our experience at the Golden Corral wasn’t as bad as our previous buffet experience at a different restaurant, but we didn’t leave satisfied. Our prime rib had lots of fat, and the taste just wasn’t what we expected. We didn’t go back for seconds.

Other buffet items available looked tasty and enticing, but as mentioned, we were only interested in the prime rib.

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