KFC Malaysia Introduces the New Olé Olé Rice Wrap

KFC Malaysia
KFC Malaysia

KFC Malaysia has gone full Mexican with the introduction of the new Olé Olé Rice Wrap.


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Inspired by the flavors of Mexico, the Olé Olé Rice Wrap features the Malaysian chain’s crispy Zinger chicken strips, tangy Mexican salsa sauce and mayo, aromatic and seasoned Mexican rice, and a mix of diced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, all wrapped in a warm toasted tortilla.

Promoted at “A fiesta of flavors you’ll have to try, to know!,” a single wrap is priced at RM5.90, or about $1.45 USD. A combo meal, which includes one Olé Olé Rice Wrap, Golden Potato Bites and a regular Mountain Dew, sells for RM8.90 or around $2.20 USD.

And if that’s not enough to satisfy your appetite, the box meal comes with one Olé Olé Rice Wrap, one piece of KFC Chicken, Golden Potato Bites and a regular Mountain Dew, all for RM12.90, or around $3.20 USD.

The KFC Olé Olé Rice Wrap is available for a limited time at participating restaurants across Malaysia.

Image – KFC Malaysia