Taco Bell Testing Crispy Chicken Chips

Taco Bell Testing Crispy Chicken Chips
Taco Bell Testing Crispy Chicken Chips (Reddit user baaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Taco Bell has been spotted testing a new product that appears draw inspiration from an otherwise boring tortilla chip, but instead of corn, this chip features chicken.


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The new offering, “Crispy Chicken Chips,” first came to light earlier this month when Reddit user baaaaaaaaaaaaaah posted a photo of the item on Reddit’s Taco Bell subforum. The testing location was not revealed and remains shrouded in mystery. Drop Chew Boom a tip if you know where this item is being tested.

Formed in the shape of a triangle, or wedge, the new Crispy Chicken Chips come complete with just what you’d expect, a nacho cheese dipping sauce.

Last month, a spokesperson for Taco Bell announced that another fried chicken test item – the Naked Chicken Chalupa – would be available nationwide in 2017.

The Naked Chicken Chalupa features a shell that is made entirely out of spicy fried chicken flattened into the shape of a round flour tortilla with a bend to accommodate the filling.

There’s a definite theme here…

Image – Reddit user baaaaaaaaaaaaaah