Small Is The New Medium At Pizza Hut Australia

Pizza Hut Australia Introduces New 9-Inch Medium Pizzas
Pizza Hut Australia Introduces New 9-Inch Medium Pizzas

You could say small is the new medium at Pizza Hut locations in Australia after the chain replaced standard 12-inch medium sized pizzas with a new, lower priced, 9-inch medium.


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To compensate for the smaller size, Pizza Hut’s new 9-inch medium pizzas start at $5, which works out to about $3.80 USD. The brand is promoting the new size as a perfect mid-sized meal for anyone that’s “halfway” hungry.

But is the new size good value for money? A 9-inch pizza has an area of 63.62 square inches. A 12-inch pizza has an area of 113.1 square inches. At first blush the 3-inch size difference doesn’t sound like much, but the area tells the real story, and it shows a 9-inch pizza has about half the area of a standard 12-inch pizza.

Pizza Hut is offering eight varieties at the new price point and size, including BBQ Beef, Ham Lovers, Pepperoni Lovers, Cheese Lovers, Margherita, Mushroom Lovers, Olive Lovers, and Hot & Spicy Veggie.

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