Bar Rescue At YNot Sports Pub, Renamed The Forbidden Pub – Everett, Washington

Bar Rescue At YNot Sports Pub, Renamed The Forbidden Pub In Everett, Washington
Bar Rescue At YNot Sports Pub, Renamed The Forbidden Pub In Everett, Washington

This week on Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Everett, Washington to rescue Ynot Sports Pub and Grub. During the Bar Rescue, which took place in May, 2016, Jon Taffer changed the name of the bar from Ynot Sports Pub, to The Forbidden Pub.


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YNot Sports Pub (The Forbidden Pub) is owned by longtime couple Jon Ellis and Yvette Otto. The couple purchased the pub in 2013. The bar is supposedly losing between $2,000 – $3,000 a month and has around $155,000 of debt.

Since the rescue, the bar remains open, but Jon and Yvette did not keep the “The Forbidden Pub” name. Yvette told that she “tried to embrace the Forbidden name but there was zero positive feedback.”

“I tried to defend it for two months,” said Otto. “Customers were confused and many even thought we changed ownership.”

The bar used to feature Goldfish racing as an attraction, but Taffer put an end to the fishy business during the rescue. And according to HeraldNet, Goldfish racing has officially been retired.

During the rescue, Taffer’s team replaced the cluttered sports theme with a red Asian theme, including an updated signature menu featuring items like green tea vodka with Thai chili syrup, coconut rice balls and Korean barbecue bao balls, according to HeraldNet. Taffer’s team also set the bar up with a new payment and inventory system, new chairs and tabletops. Although Jon and Yvette like the new Asian theme, they have brought back some of the sports swag that Taffer removed during the makeover.

We were there with a couple hundred of you who showed up for the reopening of the former Ynot Sports Pub & Grub after its Bar Rescue makeover this past week. What do you think of the change?

Posted by Everett Herald on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The episode “How To Train Your Goldfish” is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. Sunday, September 25, 2016 on Spike TV.

A Closer Look


Lunch at this place, After it’s Bar Rescue. Not sure it’s much better. #nopants

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The Reviews Are In

As always, we like to scan post-rescue online reviews of bars featured on the show. Yelp reviews are decidedly mixed, with a majority leaning to the negative.

Positive Reviews

  • Changed up since stupid TV. But overall good! Worth a visit for sure.
  • I had a great experience at this place. Enjoyed some great food while watching multiple sporting events.
  • Hearing about the change in concept I came to see the change this week. The bartender, Matt was helpful and took the time to explain specialty drinks.
  • Wow what a place the food was amazing and the decor was amazing John taffer did a amazing job please see aubyn she is a amazing bartender

Negative Reviews

  • The wings and tots are shriveled mini versions of what real food should look like, there was a brief stint before “Rescue” where they had a legit food vendor, but alas, those days are gone, and this is crap!
  • Service sucks, food was mediocre. It took 20 minutes to get a menu, another 15 to get water and then 30 for our food. The burger was very well done and my crispy Chicken was super dry!
  • Like everyone else, came here because I heard it was remodeled and on Bar Rescue.  The drink “Forsaken Fruit” was DELICIOUS  The meat on my pulled pork sliders seemed dry and burnt. And my husbands burger was overcooked and dry.
  • Recently remodeled but take note: that awful musty smell is a real thing!
  • The food wasn’t very good and the service was poor. We ordered 2 Scuttlebutt Ambers off the menu and were brought 2 stouts/porters or some kind. When we asked about it, the server just said “Well it’s the only Scuttlebutt we have”.

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