Hooters Pork Wings Review – No, Really

Review: Hooters Pork Wings - No, Really
Review: Hooters Pork Wings - No, Really

Hooters welcomes the football season with the introduction of a new limited-time menu item that offers a real twist on the chain’s signature chicken wings: Hooters Pork Wings.


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Hooters Pork Wings feature Frenched bone-in tender pork pieces that are tossed in Hooters sweet and spicy homestyle BBQ sauce, and served with a side of curly fries and dipping sauce.

But Do These Pigs Fly?

YouTube food reviewer TheEndorsement decided to find out.

Eric picked up an order of 5 pork wings, including a side of curly fries at his local Hooters for $9.99. As Eric points out in his review, that’s $2 per pork wing – but curly fries are included at that price. These things certainly come in on the pricey side.

Check out Eric’s full Hooters Pork Wings review below – and don’t miss Eric’s bonus footage following the review. It’s worth the price of admission!

Images – Hooters / YouTube user TheEndorsement