Carvel Brings Back Lil’ Screamers, Lil’ Gobblers And Lil’ Snowmen For The Holiday Season

Carvel takes a pass on tricks and puts the emphasis on treats this Halloween season with the return of Lil’ Screamers Novelty Treats. Carvel rounds out its fall holiday lineup with the return of take-home novelties to celebrate Thanksgiving and Winter.


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Starting October 14, through October 31, Carvel offers Lil’ Screamers, featuring freshly-made vanilla soft ice cream, sitting on a Flying Saucer wafer and decorated to look like adorable, scary ghosts.

Lil’ Gobblers follow and will be available through Thanksgiving. These novelties consist of premium vanilla ice cream coated in a chocolate shell and topped off with a whipped frosting design to look like miniature Tom the Turkey cakes.

Following ghosts and turkeys, Carvel offers Lil’ Snowmen through December 31. Lil’ Snowmen also sit on a Flying Saucer wafer and are decorated with blue frosting scarves and ear muffs.

Lil' Gobblers And Lil' Snowmen
Lil’ Gobblers And Lil’ Snowmen

Carvel’s novelty treats are available nationwide at participating full shoppe locations for the holiday season at a suggested price of $9.99 in packs of 4.

Images – Carvel