Bar Rescue At The Tradewinds Bar In Cotati, California

Bar Rescue At The Tradewinds Bar In Cotati, California
Bar Rescue At The Tradewinds Bar In Cotati, California

For this week’s episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Cotati, California to try to rescue The Tradewinds Bar. The Tradewinds is owned by Daniel (Dan) Thompson, his wife Traci, Eric Loria and Chase Meyers. The makeover took place in June, 2016 and Jon Taffer did not change the name of the bar.


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Dan and Eric each own a 40 percent share of the bar, while Chase, the face of the bar, and manager, owns a 20 percent share, but he doesn’t actually have any skin in the game. Chase was given a 20 percent stake in the bar as quid pro quo for looking after bar operations. But as it turns out, Chase appears to have other interests and hasn’t been pulling his weight at the bar. With a negligent manager and a lack of identity, Dan and Eric are $300,000 in debt and just a few months from shutting the doors for good.

During The Tradewinds makeover, food service capabilities were expanded, including kitchen upgrades to meet increased hot water demands.

The Morning After

Here’s a video that was posted on Facebook the morning after the Bar Rescue reveal party. You can draw your own conclusions.

Here is an exclusive inside view of The Tradewinds refurbished by Jon Taffer’s Bar Rescue. Some of my good friends spent 4 hours waiting in line to see first & a shot at being on TV. I sat on the porch at Spancky’s whilst sipping on a 12 year single malt scotch. “Don’t believe hype!” – Public Enemy ??

Posted by Paul Mitchell on Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Closer Look

The Reviews Are In

Here’s a look at some of the reviews for The Tradewinds posted at Yelp since the Bar Rescue intervention. Just take note that only three reviews have been posted since the makeover.

Positive Reviews

  • went for the bar rescue reveal- had the meat calzone. My friend had the chicken one- they looked inconsistent- hopefully once they get used to the new menu that will changeAwesome, but overpriced- had a mai tai, was god, but small for price. Shot pool. Like the table-seemed new- but I never was in the bar before. I look forward to coming for live music.

Negative Reviews

  • Awful terrible bar staff! Waited 20min just to be acknowledged by the bartender who was moving as slow as a snail i ordered something extremely simple just a shot of vodka and then he says ok and starts making other drinks and then asks someone else for their order.
  • The bar staff is very VERY untrained.  2 of the most popular cocktails ordered and they didn’t know how to make them… A Manhattan, and a Moscow Mule. So, horrible service, horrible bartenders, horrible drinks, and obnoxious atmosphere…? We won’t be returning for a pregaming sesh here…ever.


Episode Promo Videos

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