Review: Taco Bell – Rolled Chicken Tacos 2016 Release

Review: Rolled Chicken Tacos From Taco Bell
Review: Rolled Chicken Tacos From Taco Bell

Taco Bell just brought back their popular Rolled Chicken Tacos, so naturally, we thought it would be a great time to put them to the taste test. Warning – this review gets saucy.


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Taco Bell’s Rolled Chicken Tacos come in 2-packs ($1.99) and 4-packs ($3.99) – with a choice of dipping sauce: Salsa, Spicy Ranch, Guacamole, Nacho Cheese and Reduced Fat Sour Cream. They’re basically taquitos featuring all white-meat shredded chicken and taco ingredients rolled up in a tortilla and deep-fried until crunchy – very crunchy.

For this review, we’re going to pass the baton to food reviewer Nicholas Whitfield. If you’re not familiar with Nicholas, he’s the guy behind Whitfield’s Food Revue over at YouTube.

Taco Bell Rolled Chicken Tacos Review

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  • Dipping Sauces For This Review : Nacho Cheese and Guacamole

Review by Whitfield’s Food Revue

Today we head over to Taco Bell to try their “new,” actually re-released Rolled Chicken Tacos.

Rolled Chicken Tacos made a brief appearance on Taco Bell’s menu in late 2014 and were gone shortly thereafter, as Taco Bell likes to do.

They consist of corn shells, rolled with a shredded chicken filling and then deep fried. No way around it, it’s a taquito, pure and simple.

Not to say that is a bad thing, but it is exactly that. However, they have dipping options  – Salsa, Spicy Ranch, Guacamole, Nacho Cheese and Reduced Fat Sour Cream.

That definitely helps add some needed texture and flavor to this finger food. They come in 2 and 4 packs. The 2-pack includes one dipping side, while the 4-pack comes with your choice of two dipping sides. Lots of numbers there, I know.

Ours were particularly crunchy, bordering on too crunchy, but that really is a matter of preference. They were very fresh, as I used the online app to order, and had them piping hot out of the fryer and in my hands within minutes after arriving. Taco Bell certainly didn’t reinvent the wheel – as there really are only two ingredients to the main course. For good or bad it is a very familiar taste.  Personally, I think the shredded chicken was an odd choice simply because it isn’t a very powerful flavor and that is kind of required to permeate through the deep fried shell and condiment dipping side.

A spicy seasoned beef would have elevated the flavor quite a bit. The 4-pack came out to around $4.50 including tax. That price point was a little high for the portion size. They weren’t particularly full, but taquitos usually aren’t. We went with the Guacamole and Nacho Cheese for dipping, and the cheese helped tremendously, but the guacamole left a little to be desired as it tasted like a powder mix, as opposed to fresh made. Still, all in all, they did deliver on the product as advertised, just not anything above and beyond. Taco Bell has given us some really inventive and creative menu options over the past year – this is a much safer and mild fare.

We give it a 3 out of 5. They would be a flat 2.5 average if not for the tasty dipping sides – which add a new element to the taquito playbook. Anyway, that’s what we think, what do you think?!

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