Shark Tank – SafeCatch Owners Pitch Low-Mercury Canned Tuna

Shark Tank – SafeCatch Owners Pitch Canned Tuna
Shark Tank – SafeCatch Owners Pitch Canned Tuna

This week on Shark Tank (Episode:808), two men from Sausalito, California, pitch a technology to test mercury levels in a single piece of fish. Sean Wittenberg and Bryan Boches hope to hook at least one Shark on their low-mercury, sustainable canned tuna brand: SafeCatch.


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SafeCatch uses proprietary technology to test every single fish for its mercury content. If it doesn’t meet purity standards, SafeCatch says they don’t buy it. SafeCatch says mercury content in their Elite Wild Tuna is 1/10th the FDA limit, while mercury content in their Wild Albacore Tuna is 1/3rd the FDA limit.

A single can of SafeCatch tuna sells for around $4 to $5 depending on the variety.

Feeding The Sharks

It’s a Full Tank this week, as Sean and Bryan face all six Sharks: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec.

The Ask

Sean and Bryan offered 3 percent of their company in exchange for a $600,000 investment.

  • Sales to date: $1.25 million
  • Losses to date: $530,00

A Closer Look

Did The Sharks Bite?

No, Sean and Bryan got chewed out by all the Sharks.

Here’s a video featuring Bryan and Joanna Boches pitching SafeCatch on KKFX News

Here’s a recent video featuring Sean Wittenberg at The Fit Expo talking about the benefits of SafeCatch canned tuna

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