Review: McDonald’s Grand Mac

Review: McDonald's Grand Mac
Review: McDonald's Grand Mac

Last month Chew Boom reported McDonald’s plans to launch two new versions of the chain’s iconic Big Mac nationwide after successfully testing the Grand Mac and Mac Jr. at select locations in Ohio and Texas earlier this year. The new Macs won’t be available nationwide until early 2017, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find one or two on the menu at select locations before the official national launch next year.


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YouTube food reviewer TheEndorsement, aka Eric was in Florida recently and he was lucky enough to find a McDonald’s offering the new Macs early.

The Grand Mac features two one-sixth-pound all-beef patties and a larger bun, along with traditional Big Mac toppings. The Mac Jr. is simply a scaled down portable version of the Big Mac.

Grand Mac Review – Does Size Matter?

Eric paid $4.99 for his Grand Mac in Florida. During the testing phase, the Grand Mac was priced at $4.89. Eric also indicated the same Florida McDonald’s was offering the Mac Jr. at $2.79. During testing, the Mac Jr. was priced between $2.39 and $2.59, depending on location.

Does the new beefed up Grand Mac live up the the hype? Let’s just say it’s a two-hander, so don’t Grand Mac and drive.

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