Review: McDonald’s Mac Jr.

Review: McDonald’s Mac Jr.
Review: McDonald’s Mac Jr.

Sometime in early 2017, McDonald’s plans to launch two new versions of their classic Big Mac sandwich nationwide – the Grand Mac and Mac Jr.


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Last week, Chew Boom featured a review of the new Grand Mac by YouTube food reviewer The Endorsement. This week, we take a closer look at Grand Mac’s little brother, the Mac Jr.

The Mac Jr. is basically a single-layer Big Mac that comes with a beef patty that’s larger than the patties used in the classic sandwich, plus lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and special sauce on a sesame seed bun, for $2.79.

Designed to be a portable version of the Big Mac, the Mac Jr. can be easily handled in a single hand. It really is a convenient alternative to the double-layered Big Mac and Grand Mac sandwiches – both of which require two hands to operate successfully.

But is sacrificing size for portability really worth the trouble and price? Check out Eric’s review of the Mac Jr. for his insight on the latest edition to the Mac family. And don’t forget to pop over to his YouTube channel TheEndorsement and subscribe!

Just take note that the Grand Mac and Mac Jr. will officially launch nationwide in early 2017. However, select McDonald’s locations, including South Florida McDonald’s are offering the new Macs well before the nationwide release.

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