Carl’s Jr. French Toast Dips Are Back For 2016 Holiday Season: Review

Carl’s Jr. Brings Back French Toast Dips For 2016 – Review
Carl’s Jr. Brings Back French Toast Dips For 2016 – Review

Carl’s Jr. brings back their French Toast Dips to celebrate the 2016 holiday season.


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French Toast Dips are available at participating locations for $2.29 on their own, or as a combo meal with hash rounds and a drink for $3.99. Prices will vary by location – but this will give you a fairly good idea of what you should expect to pay.

Carl's Jr. French Toast Dips
Carl’s Jr. French Toast Dips

Speaking of good ideas, check out Ian K‘s review of French Toast Dips below. Ian paid $2.99 for his order of French Toast Dips (more than the suggested price) – featuring five toast sticks that are served with a light dusting of sweet powdered sugar and a side of syrup for dipping. Ian’s sticks came with Flavor Fresh table syrup.

Overall, Ian gives French Toast Dips high marks, but he does have some advice for anyone thinking about treating themselves to an order. You can find out why Ian advises everyone to check out their order before leaving the restaurant by watching his full French Toast Dips review below. And don’t forget to pop over to Ian’s YouTube channel, Peep THIS Out!, where you’ll find even more great food reviews like this.

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