Wendy’s Launches Bacon Sriracha Fries – Plus Bonus Review

Wendy’s Launches Bacon Sriracha Fries – Plus Bonus Review
Wendy’s Launches Bacon Sriracha Fries – Plus Bonus Review

Wendy’s continues to turn up the heat with the debut of their latest limited-time menu item: Bacon Sriracha Fries. The new offering just happens to be one-half of Wendy’s sriracha duo, which includes the Spicy Sriracha Chicken Sandwich.


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Bacon Sriracha Fries feature Wendy’s natural cut fries dressed with a combination of applewood smoked bacon, creamy cheese sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, and a creamy Sriracha aioli. They’ve basically taken most of the toppings you’d find on the new Sriracha Chicken Sandwich and paired them with an order of regular fries.

Wendy’s Bacon Sriracha Fries Review

Ian K. from Peep THIS Out! picked an order up for $1.99. Although prices may vary by location, Wendy’s is officially promoting the new offering “at the mild price of $1.99.”

$1.99 Bacon Sriracha Fries
$1.99 Bacon Sriracha Fries

Ian digs in, and boy does he dig Wendy’s new Bacon Sriracha Fries.

“Are you kidding me right now? I mean, are you kidding me right now?” that was Ian’s initial reaction after taking his first bite of the Bacon Sriracha Fries. “Oh man. That cheesy sriracha pop with the applewood smoked bacon is pretty ridiculous in flavor guys,” that was Ian’s reaction after his second bite – as he nodded in the affirmative. Ian could go on, and he did.

Bacon Sriracha Fries Review
Bacon Sriracha Fries – Ian Digs In

Bacon Sriracha Fries deliver a nice smooth delicious heat – while the applewood smoked bacon and creamy sriracha aioli combo help take the dish to a whole new level.

For his complete review, check out Ian’s video below, and pop over to his YouTube channel, Peep THIS Out! for more fantastic food reviews.

Wendy’s Bacon Sriracha Fries – Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 600 (From fat – 350)
  • Total Fat: 39g
  • Sugar: 3g (Carbs – 47g)
  • Protein: 14g
  • Sodium: 1110mg

Image – Peep THIS Out!