Taco Bell Testing Seasoned Fries And Loaded Fries In California

Taco Bell Testing Seasoned Fries In California
Taco Bell Testing Seasoned And Loaded Fries In California (Facebook - Patrick Henry)

Taco Bell has been spotted testing new Seasoned Fries as well as Loaded Fries at select locations in Irvine and Bakersfield, California.


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Just this week, Twitter user Matt Weiss posted a photo showing the new fries on a Taco Bell drive-thru menu board at the UCI Center in Irvine, California. According to menu board details the new fries come in two varieties: Seasoned and Loaded.

Regular Seasoned Fries at the Irvine location are selling for just 50 cents, while Seasoned Fries with Nacho Cheese Sauce are priced at 75 cents. Meanwhile, an order of Loaded Fries Supreme can be picked up for just a buck, while Loaded Fries BellGrande – featuring 2x the fries – are priced at $2.00. If prices seem low, they are. Testing is obviously in early stages and extremely limited at this time.

Taco Bell Fries
Taco Bell Fries (Twitter user Matt Weiss)

Seasoned Fries Taste Testing

In a Facebook post earlier this month, Patrick Henry indicated he was basically given an opportunity to test the new Seasoned Fries at a Taco Bell location in Bakersfield, California.

For his effort, which included filling out a nine-page questionnaire, Patrick was rewarded with a $5 gift card – plus a belly full of fries.

Taco Bell on Ming is sampling their seasoned fries and handing out $5 gift cards for participating. Twist my arm!!

Posted by Patrick Henry on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

More Taste Testing

Lorie Morris, another Facebook user in California reports that she was also asked to test the new Seasoned Fries. Lorie’s fries came with a side of nacho cheese sauce. She was also asked to fill out the nine-page questionnaire following the tasting.

? French fries at Taco Bell?!? Could be in the future. While getting dinner for James last night they asked me to taste…

Posted by Lorie Morris on Thursday, December 15, 2016

Loaded Fries Supreme

Images – Facebook user Patrick Henry / Twitter user Matt Weiss