Review – Sonic’s Lil’ Patty Griller And Lil’ Chickie Griller

Review – Sonic’s Lil' Patty Griller And Lil' Chickie Griller
Review – Sonic’s Lil' Patty Griller And Lil' Chickie Griller

Grilled cheese gets a whole new spin at Sonic with the introduction of Lil’ Grillers. For this review, we put the Lil’ Chickie Griller and Lil’ Patty Griller to the test.


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In total, Sonic’s Lil’ Grillers lineup consists of five different sandwiches, including the Lil’ Cheese Griller, Lil’ Patty Griller and Lil’ Chickie Griller, along with two breakfast-inspired versions – the Lil’ Bacon and Egg Griller and Lil’ Sausage and Egg Griller.

Lil’ Chickie Griller

The Lil’ Chickie Griller features a narrow strip of breaded and deep-fried all-white meat chicken topped with Buffalo Sauce and American cheese all sandwiched between grilled mini Sourdough toast. Ian K over at Peep THIS Out! got one for $1.49 at his local Sonic.

While the Lil’ Chickie Griller itself is narrow, it does win on the thickness front with a nice thick piece of crispy fried chicken. However, in this case (isolated perhaps), the chicken arrived over-fried and lacked the juiciness expected from a Sonic chicken tender. When you couple that with the overpowering and abundant buffalo sauce, the grilled cheese vibe gets totally lost in the confusion. It’s basically just a thick buffalo tender sandwiched between some pretty thick sourdough bread.

If you like buffalo sauce, you’re probably going to enjoy this, but if you’re craving the comfort you get from grilled cheese, this is going to disappoint on several levels. Dialing back the buffalo sauce and turning up the volume on the cheese would go a long way to help this otherwise uninspiring Griller live up to its cheesy expectations. 6 out of 10.

Lil' Chickie Griller
Lil’ Chickie Griller

Lil’ Patty Griller

The Lil’ Patty Griller comes with a beef patty topped with ketchup and American cheese all sandwiched between two slices of thick grilled mini Sourdough bread. The Lil’ Patty Griller is priced at $1.49. For an additional 50 cents, you can add a second beef patty.

The Lil’ Patty Griller isn’t nearly as thick as its Lil’ Chickie cousin – thanks to its thin beef patty – however, the beef did arrive perfectly cooked and juicy. While ketchup isn’t something you’d normally expect to work well with grilled cheese, in this case the beef, ketchup and cheese flavor combinations actually offer a surprisingly authentic grilled cheese flavor, much more so than the Lil’ Chickie Griller.

If you’re craving the comfort of grilled cheese and feeling adventurous on the flavor front, the Lil’ Patty Griller is your best option of the two. Personally, I’d take a pass on paying the 50 cents extra for a second beef patty – mainly because I think the beef flavor would simply be too overpowering. You’re probably better off going with a cheeseburger. 8 out of 10.

Lil' Patty Griller
Lil’ Patty Griller

For a complete deconstructed look at the Lil’ Patty and Lil’ Chickie Grillers, check out Ian’s complete review below. And take a moment to check out Peep THIS Out! over at YouTube.

Images – Peep THIS Out!

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