The McRib Sandwich Is Back For Winter 2017

The McRib Sandwich Is Back For Winter 2017
The McRib Sandwich Is Back For Winter 2017

Grab the napkins, because the saucy McRib Sandwich is making a rare winter appearance at participating McDonald’s locations for a limited time.


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The official Twitter account for McDonald’s of Northwest Florida confirmed the iconic McRib’s return on Friday.


Meanwhile, McDonald’s of Tampa Bay Florida was teasing fans on Twitter with a guess what’s coming back tweet.


Assuming McDonald’s of Northwest Florida’s tease is referring to the McRib – and we will – it appears the official McRib rollout will occur on Monday, February 20. While that may be true, it’s also true that there have been reports of McRib sightings as early as this week. I know, I’ve seen them.

When the McRib appeared at select locations last November, it was only available at half of the chain’s US franchises. If you’re planning a McRib hunt this winter, I would suggest checking out the McRib Locator for the latest McRib sightings. Alternatively, last year McDonald’s released the McRib Finder, an iOS mobile app that shows you exactly where the sandwich is being served up. No word yet if that app will be activated for the latest McRib 2017 resurrection. We’ll probably learn more on Monday.

In the meantime, get your napkins ready.

The McRib sandwich features a pork shoulder patty, barbecue sauce, pickles, and onion on a special roll.

Image – McDonald’s